About The Airhead Diaries

me portrait 1 copy.jpgAndé’s Story

My name is Andé Sivad. I am the leading podcaster for the Airhead Diaries. I hope you are reading my story in good health and a full heart. But chances are that if you are here, you have had challenges of your own. I am here to listen as I try to build community. There is strength in friendship.

This podcast is where I log my emotional journeys in a diary format and try to make sense of what has become my life. My main hope is that this podcast can empower those with chronic illness to see things from a new perspective. It may not be a better one, but at the very least, I hope it can encourage you to not feel as alone.

Here’s a little about me!

 I am my mid-twenties.  I am a pre-cancerous limbic encephalitis chronic illness warrior! The type of encephalitis I have causes nerve damage, memory loss, and consequently has created a lot of physical pain.

I have been suffering since age fourteen. Sometimes I hit the wall in agony and then I am reminded of all I believe in.

I believe in God and miracles, but I also have strong beliefs in seizing the day right in front of me.  The day in front of me leaves me sick, but when I look at my strengths and my blessings my heart is grateful.

I am committed to raising awareness. Not just to encephalitis, but to all who suffer. I hope you enjoy my podcast.



The Airhead Diaries: A Chronic Illness Warrior’s Podcast

The Airhead Diaries is a chronic illness warrior digital journal by Andé Sivad. Here Andé makes her own take on health, inspiration, and pop culture. Follow: @AndeSivad



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